exposed-cover-web-bothJoin us on a journey…  The “God sized,” story of what happens when the fragility and brokenness of the human condition converge with Jesus’ power and willingness to heal and restore.

For our individual lives, our marriage and ultimately our family, this story represents the faithfulness and love of a God who never gives up on ANY OF US, no matter who we are, what we’ve done or the title we posses. Our story is heartbreaking, provoking, challenging, redemptive and drives us daily to the foot of the cross. It is not an easy read, as it’s hard edges resonate of marriage restoration after an affair, the struggle to gain victory over pornography, ministry failure and the fight to rebuild a  family that was headed for destruction. It is also the most beautiful representation of what we hope for… that with God, nothing is impossible.

We invite you to read our story, Exposed available now for  purchase.

We have written our story for everyone who is struggling under the weight of sin and bondage and for those who have been hurt or betrayed. For the heart afraid to risk losing it all in order to do the right thing and the leader who needs to be made aware regarding the present danger of pornography upon your generation and the generations to come. For the individuals and families all around us on a daily basis that need to know there is help and hope, this story is for you.

Please join us on this illuminating journey by opening your heart to read Exposed, purchase it for someone who is in need, or share it as a means of continuing the ongoing discussion through, The Novus Project. Click on the picture above, which will take you directly to the publisher’s link, visit our resources page, or

With Sincere Thanks,

James and Teri Craft

7 thoughts on “EXPOSED

    1. Rich,

      Thank you for your support. I know you have been praying for us during this past season of our lives. We know that God has a wonderful future for us, and we’re excited watching how God is turning what the enemy meant for death and destruction…He’s now turing for the good.

      Merry Christmas,



    1. Gail,

      Thank you for writing us. We are so thankful for what the Lord has done in us personally and as a family. You have been a huge blessing to us along the way. We love you guys, and please tell Jordan and Robert we say Hi!

      Merry Christmas…


      P.S. I miss your house during the Christmas season…


    1. Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words. We are believing that our story will help others to see that freedom and wholeness are worth the journey it takes to get there. From your website it seems you have a similar heart…so we say, “Thank You” for your courageous heart to share your life with others as well. It is always refreshing to find another brave and honest soul in the world.

      With peace,

      Teri Craft


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