The Power Of Story



Recently, my wife Teri and I went to see the movie “Risen.” We sat in the theater enraptured by this perspective of the resurrection story of Jesus.  The writer and producer took some liberty by looking through the eyes of a soldier who wasn’t a believer and who was enlisted to find the body of Jesus, proving to all that His resurrection was a hoax.  Through his journey, he discovers the truth of Jesus and eventually confesses that his life would be forever changed. 


One of the most impactful scenes of the movie shows the encounter that Jesus had with the leper, who was being tormented.  While everyone was kicking the leper out of town due to their disgust and fear, Jesus makes his way to where this broken and despondent man lay helpless on the dirt road.  Jesus sits on the ground and pulls this man into his arms bringing comfort and healing to his broken soul.  The leper’s response to this encounter was, “No one has touched me,” demonstrating the intimate encounter that brought such complete healing to this man from the inside out.


While watching this encounter unfold on the big screen, I started to weep right there in the theater.  It struck a chord with me because it was the beautiful representation of what Christ has done in my life and marriage as well.   Hopefully, you have taken the time to watch the video of Teri that is attached to this blog. There is something special when real authenticity and vulnerability meet at the intersection of hope and transformation. Please take the time to listen to Teri speak of what was, for you can hear in her voice that the pain was real. But you can also hear of the healing, restoration and regained hope as well.


We all walk through the valley of the shadow of death at one time or another in our life, the real tragedy, however, is that so many tend to stay there.  I believe those valleys are what God allows us to process through in our journey to a closer walk with Him.  Never does our good Father intend for us to stay in those low places, pitch our tents and take residence.  He allows us to walk through them and come to the other side- where we can share His redemption story in pure love, freedom and transformation. The truth is, there is hope and you are not alone!

If you would like to take a journey through our story of renewal and hope, please consider purchasing our book: EXPOSED.

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