Who are we?  The simple truth is that we are a son and a daughter, a husband and wife. We are parents, a brother and sister, a friend. We walk this long and dusty road called life with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and consider it an honor and our highest calling to be who He created us to be and become more fully like Him. We have fallen hard on the cold hard ground called failure and have seen first hand His power to save, heal and restore- We are overcomers.

We have been called by many names: Pastor, teacher, minister, musician, athlete, national director, entrepreneur, surfer, rising star, fallen one; but there is no name that compares to being called God’s beloved…and it has taken the better part of 40 years to embrace the enormity and transformative possibility that exists in understanding that truth and grasping the depth of that love. Who are we you might ask? We are survivors of a marital affair, childhood trauma, and generational bondage. We have fought hard with the Lord’s faithful love to eradicate addiction from our home and restore our family. We have been made new and from the ashes of hopelessness, despair, and betrayal we offer our life and story as a means to start a broader discussion regarding authentic living, marriage restoration, marriage health, overcoming adversity, leadership effectiveness and the very real and present danger of media misuse in our society today.

We have dedicated our life to writing, mentoring, speaking and bringing awareness to marriages, families and the next generation. We are restored pastors with 20 years of experience in ministry leadership and the founders and directors of The Novus Project, a non-profit organization focused on bringing training and awareness to schools and other organizations regarding these issues. We’ve recently authored a book entitled, EXPOSED which chronicles our harrowing yet beautiful journey of recovery and restoration through the devastating impact of pornography addiction and marriage betrayal in each of our own unique perspectives. We travel and speak not only for The Novus Project, but also help deliver a message of truth, hope, and vulnerability to organizations, churches, leaders and pastors.

James hold a Masters in Executive Leadership with an emphasis in conflict resolution and team building. He is also a Certified Executive Coach and mentors leaders in ministry, leadership, business and recovery around the globe. James also trains leaders on how to effectively launch and facilitate the Conquer Series around the world.   For information regarding speaking, coaching, recovery or Conquer Series training, click HERE. 

Teri holds a Degree in Education with a Minor in Music. She has been trained in pastoral mentoring and leads women’s groups for those who have experienced betrayal and personal loss. Teri has dedicated her life to speaking, leading and training others regarding relational and organizational health. She is also a certified pre-marriage SYMBIS Facilitator helping those who are embarking on the journey of marriage gain life-long insights. For information regarding pastoral speaking, mentoring, recovery or pre-marriage assessments, click HERE.    


James and Teri Craft- Co-Founders of The Novus Project



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