“My wife, Diane and I have lead James and Teri through a yearlong clinical process through Pure Desire Ministries International-which they completed in March 2014.  I can give full assurance that they have faced the issues in their lives personally and as a couple and have completed the process necessary to share their story of recovery with others. This last part is critical because the issue is not just a guy’s problem it is a family systems problem!

James and Teri have been uniquely qualified to speak to individuals, marriages and families, especially the younger generation that is being eaten alive by sexual bondage. (Recent surveys have discovered that only 3% of guys entering college haven’t viewed porn and 70% of men in our nation view porn at least once a month. There is no difference in these statistics between the world and the church).

In light of the church’s—as well as our nation’s–desperate need for real revival and healing, I strongly support Pastors James and Teri and their cause. For such a time as this the Spirit of the Lord has called these two to help hurting folks out of darkness into the marvelous healing presence of Christ.”


Dr. Ted Roberts PSAP-S

Pure Desire Ministries International


“If you would like to discuss the journey of recovery and restoration from distance in relationships, false beliefs, and unhealthy coping behaviors I fully endorse James Craft as a man who can speak personally and with great knowledge and compassion on this topic. He has walked with great leaders and he has traveled through the valley of the shadow of death. James and Teri Craft are the real deal. Through their transparency, dedication, vulnerability and close connection in relationship with me, James has earned my respect and I support both he and Teri wholeheartedly.”


Tyler J. Chinchen, MFT, CSAT                    tyler

Marriage & Family Therapist

Certified Sex Addiction Therapist

Pure Desire Ministries International



“James and Teri have taken their very difficult, exposed, raw personal story and turned it around to be an encouraging, real, and inspiring testimony of restoration.  They are anointed to speak with authority and experience on overcoming pornography and fighting for your family.  Their humble yet authentic voice is one that you will want to hear!”

Molly Godzich

Found, Executive Director of NAME-National Association of Marriage Enhancement


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