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“Exposed is the account of James and Teri Craft’s harrowing yet beautiful journey through the devastating impact of pornography, shame and betrayal upon their individual lives and marriage. They each share their perspective of restoration after a single moment in time seemingly shatters their life, family, and careers. Walk with the Crafts on a practical and life-altering path to victory through a Christ-centered commitment to recovery, renewal, and restoration.”

This is a two-sided book, with James’ story starting from one end and Teri’s story starting from the other.

What People Are Saying About Exposed:


“James and Teri Craft are brave. In their timely book, Exposed presents essential life lessons for each of us, a binocular view with both Teri and James disclosing the same account yet with divergent compasses. Theirs is a story that illustrates the old adage: You will either be ruled by the rudder or ruled by the rocks. One was an expedition that led to repentance and the other, a courageous passage that led to forgiveness. They have navigated their past but are not moored there.   Rather, they have boldly chosen to set sail towards a bright future, for that is where the promises of God await.”


Pastor & Author


“Exposed is a refreshingly honest and grace-filled book that captures the restorative work of God.  James and Teri’s story is a timely reminder of God’s insatiable love for us even through our darkest moments.”


CEO of Ideation & Author of Good Idea. Now What?


“The book, EXPOSED, is an astonishingly courageous, transparent and raw yet redemptive, hopeful and loving exploration by James and Teri of the storm that engulfed them.  With the help of the Holy Spirit, each other and their girls, their pastors, their church community, good friends and imminently gifted and Godly counselors, they learned important truths about their past, their faith, their thinking, their honest and their marriage and family.  There is pain and promise on every page with sure help for those who are bound yet long to be free.  As you read EXPOSED, I believe you too will be renewed in your joy that the Father continues to see the wayward son a long way off and runs to welcome him home.  (Luke 15:11-32)  (Excerpt taken from the Forward of EXPOSED.) 


Director-Foursquare Missions International-Vice President- Global Operations


Exposed …there could not have been a better title chosen for this story. This word describes the many places that have been laid bare in the journey the Crafts have taken. They have gone one step further in that they have chosen to share their story in an extremely vulnerable, transparent manner…on written pages for everyone to read knowing there is a risk in being exposed. Yet, if their pain and healing can help you see your own area of need and see true health and restoration is possible, maybe, just maybe, you will see that living Exposed is the greatest freedom any human being can experience.  (Excerpt taken from the forward of EXPOSED.) 

Considering myself (Galatians 6:1),


Vice President of U.S. Operations and General Supervisor for The Foursquare Church 


“It’s apparent when reading through EXPOSED  that it is a truly transparent and honest out-pouring from James and Teri’s personal experience.  It speaks deeply of God’s never-ending love and grace.  We applaud their willingness to share their darkest moments with a sincere and genuine purpose of encouraging the reader through the word of their testimony.” (Rev. 12:11)


Founders & President of DREAM LABEL GROUP


“I am so grateful for the courage and honesty of James and Teri Craft.  They have penned a page-turner that makes way for freedom and healing while sharing about a subject matter that needs to be brought into the light more.  EXPOSED exposes more than their story, which is powerful, it exposes our constant need for Jesus in every inch of our walk.”


Worship Leader & Founder of the BLOOM Conference


“Exposed is a beautiful example of faith, hope, strength and honest transparency.  I will forever admire how James and Teri’s deep love for the Lord has given wings to a story few ever witness in their lifetime.  Teri’s account of the struggles and relentless fight for her marriage and for her family is simply inspiring.  A must read!”


Songwriter, Artist Management


Help and Resources

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Action to Love is an organization focused on strengthening the local church in making disciples of the LGBT community and provoking all people to an action to love.


10 thoughts on “Resources

  1. Dear Teri,

    My husband C.W. and I met you at the NAME conference in Victorville this past April. I just finished your half of the book and workbook and am blessed. We are going to implement this into our counseling for a five week series before beginning the 9 Pillars. We have ordered the workbooks through your website and look forward to their arrival.

    For me personally it brought to my attention that I am way too busy to heal. After writing my “There was once a girl… ” story I knew we could not do this on our own and especially not with our busy life. We are going to take a year break and walk this out; contacting Pure Desire for the full counseling program.

    Thank you for walking through this and telling your story. It made a difference in me and I am sure many others.

    Love in Christ, Sherry Sellers


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