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The Novus Project began as a story of a few people getting real about their struggles with media misuse and pornography and the effects it has had upon their lives and relationships.  This discussion has grown into a worldwide conversation with thousands of people in over 100 countries joining in.  The most common response is that people have found themselves in bondage to pornography or have suffered the effects of broken relationships and feel as if they have nowhere to go.

Our Mission

The Novus Project is a community dedicated to preventing the relationally damaging effects of pornography and misuse of media by engaging students, families and schools through awareness, tools, presentations and support.

By reaching the public school and collegiate systems with The Novus Project Program and resources in development, we can expose the truth about the consequences of media misuse and explicit material upon an individual’s brain and the damaging effects it produces in relationships, personal health and society at large.

This Will Take Place In 2 Ways:

Contact us today to have a Novus Representative come to your school, faculty association, parent/teacher organization or leadership group regarding media misuse and the effects of explicit material upon students.

All presentations given to students are age appropriate to resource and educate elementary, middle and high school developmental stages.

ONE CLICK AWAY Presentations are age appropriately focused on media and social media misuse as the gateway to exposure of explicit material and the damaging effects it can have on a student’s individual life, their relationships and society at large. These presentations are great for parents and administrators as well! 

ONE DAY AWAY Campaigns are school-wide initiatives to engage students in taking part in one day away from media and documenting what they did instead.   (Students and faculty compete for prizes based on creativity.)

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To give a Tax deductible donation to Help Launch The Novus Project in schools around the country HERE. 

Please consider getting involved in The Novus Project Cause.  We are looking for grant writers, presenters, creatives, social media experts, business owners and school district representatives. For more information please contact us below:

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